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Amazon Associates Program Returns!

Shopping while donating to your local library, what could be better! Spread the word to your friends and family. This is a painless, no-cost way to help out your Geneva public library. Just search for an item using keywords or click "Search New and Used" below the keyword box to go right to the full site using the link to the left! You'll get low prices, huge selection and fast shipping, and the Foundation will receive a referral fee for any purchases you make. This will *not* add anything to the cost of your item.

FAQ on the Amazon Associates Program

Q: How much of my purchase goes toward the Foundation?

A: The referral fees are volume based, but in general, most products earn 4% of the purchase price. Music, movie and eBook downloads earn a flat 10%, most on-line games earn 20% and purchases at (great shoes and handbags), earn a flat 15%.

Q: Can my purchases through this program be tracked by me or the Foundation?

A: No, since the purchaser is anonymous to the Foundation, there is no record of who purchased the item. The Foundation staff generates a report on items sold and what fees have been generated. When a purchase is made, there is no separate line showing the purchaser a referral fee has been collected.

Q: Can I just go directly to and the Foundation will get a referral?

A: No, you must use the link from the Foundation website for the Foundation to receive the referrals fees.