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May Speaker Announced - "Peak Performance" and "Get Brain Change"

Peak Performance and Get Brain Change

was presented by Dr. Vicki Alden, Ph.D. from NOVO: Renewing Joy in Life

on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 from 7:00 – 8:30 PM in the Lower Meeting Room at the Geneva Library, 127 James Street, Geneva, IL.

The Geneva Library Foundation presents Dr. Vicki Alden from Novo – Renewing Joy in Life. With a unique holistic approach to serving clients, NOVO: Renewing Joy in Life boils down much of its work to help people under two simple headings: “Peak Performance” and “Get Brain Change.”

The individual at NOVO’s helm, Dr. Vicki Alden, will be making a free presentation on those two overarching treatment approaches. Peak Performance and Get Brain Change underscore the team approach taken by NOVO’s professionals as well as the interrelatedness of the various treatments offered by the St. Charles-based clinic. “Just about anyone could benefit from NOVO’s array of offerings,” said Alden, who resides in Geneva. “With Peak Performance, we are working with athletes, business people, anyone who wants to be more effective at their craft,” said Alden. “’Brain change’ is more for people who are experiencing difficulty coping.” Psychotherapy or life coaching, encompassing individuals, couples, families, and group counseling/therapy, is one component of NOVO’s service.

“Our quest is to help people and to be able to do it in the most cutting-edge way, using techniques and therapy models that are really new and scientifically researched for proven results,” says De. Alden. During this presentation, Dr. Alden and some members of her staff will present some of the newest research in neurotherapy and the positive effects it can have on brain performance.

Neurotherapy is neuro feedback for the brain. It is used to optimize brain functioning for individuals who want to up their game. It does this by reducing inefficiencies and improving connectivity within the brain. Neurofeedback provides clients with direct feedback about the state of particular brain wave activity in the form of audible tones or images on a computer screen to allow direct conscious manipulation of the target wave. Like physical exercises to strengthen target muscles, these activities improve the functioning of the target pathways and create permanent changes to the brain. It is a safe, natural, data guided treatment that corrects problems rather than covering them up.

“Helping make people’s lives better—it doesn’t get much better than that in terms of feeling like you are making good use of your time and energy,” said Alden. “In Latin, ‘novo’ means to begin anew. It’s a privilege to be entrusted with that role in someone’s life.”

The evening will include a short reception, introduction of the Geneva Library Foundation, the presentation, and a Q&A session. This is a free event.

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To learn more about NOVO: Renewing Joy in Life, visit or, or call 630-297-3617. The practice also offers insights, education and encouragement via its Facebook page,

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