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November Speaker Series Announced

It Takes A Community - #RefugeesWelcome by Suzanne Sahloul

Wednesday, November 16 2016 from 7:00 – 8:30 PM in the Meeting Room at the Geneva Library, 127 James Street, Geneva, IL.

Today, millions of Syrians are displaced both within and outside of Syria. Political discussions regarding the number of Syrian refugees to admit to the United States regularly find their way into the media. But often lost in the discussion is that refugees are not numbers, they are human beings. They are families living in a war torn country worried about their safety and the safety of their children, like the little boy from Aleppo who captured the world’s attention – Omran Daqneesh – pulled from the rubble after an air strike. We forget that the vast majority of Americans trace their roots to foreign countries and many of our own ancestors traveled here as refugees from other lands.

Join the Geneva Library Foundation and its guest, Suzanne Sahloul from the Syrian Community Network, to learn about the challenges facing Syrian refugees in the world today. For those fortunate enough to find refuge in foreign countries, including the United States, there is a sense of relief. However, relief may quickly become anxiety and fear. Refugees are challenged with an overwhelming amount of emotions as they enter the United States. Not only are they forced to leave their homes and belongings, not knowing if they will ever return, but they are entering a new country they must call home. They are unfamiliar with its language and custom and are forced to quickly find ways to support their families, all the while worrying who they can trust and whether they are welcome in their new home.

The Syrian Community Network was established to aid and assist in easing the resettlement of Syrian refugees. It seeks to fill the void that is created between leaving what refugees always knew as home and entering what is for most of them the beginning of a new life. It provides mentoring for families by partnering with agencies, providing visits to families from others who have previously immigrated to the United States who can provide advice and awareness for settling in their new home. The Syrian Community Network also works to foster relationships between the Syrian refugees and the larger Chicago community, something from which all can benefit.


Suzanne Akhras Sahloul is the Founder and Executive Director of the Syrian Community Network. She is also the Founder of the Syrian American Medical Society’s Midwest Foundation. She holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Lewis University and is currently pursuing a certificate in non-profit leadership at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.

This is a free event. Reservations are not required, but suggested.

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