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March Speaker Series Announced

Gypsy Music Street by Roberta Dietzen

Wednesday, March 15 2017 from 7:00 – 8:30 PM in the Meeting Room at the Geneva Library, 127 James Street, Geneva, IL.

The Holocaust ended more than seventy years ago and the world, faced with the systematic murder of six million Jews and millions more innocent people, promised “Never Again.” Despite the decades passed, Europe’s Jewish population has yet to recover, with the ramifications of the Holocaust continuing to be felt today. The tragedy serves as a reminder of the dire consequences of ignorance and inaction to the oppression of vulnerable communities.

For that reason, it is essential to tell and re-tell the stories of those affected. In Gypsy Music Street, Roberta Dietzen tells such a story. She chronicles her mother, Rezsi Lehrer’s life. Her mother was fortunate to make it out of Eastern Europe shortly before the outbreak of World War II, but her family stayed behind. After living through the war abroad, not knowing the fate of her loved ones, Rezsi discovers her parents, two brothers, and many more perished in the Holocaust. Through Gypsy Music Street, Dietzen tells her family’s history of love, irrevocable loss, and the endless traumatic ramifications of the Holocaust that continue to resonate with the following generations. She provides a fascinating look inside the rich Jewish culture of Eastern Europe that was largely destroyed in World War II. She also shares the adventures she experienced in 2008 when she made an extraordinary roots trip and traveled to Budapest, Ukraine, and Israel, a moving and memorable journey described as the highlight of Dietzen’s life.


Through her presentation, Dietzen stresses the relevance of educating the world about the tragedy of the Holocaust – a lesson particularly relevant given the current state of global affairs. She discusses the importance of bringing awareness to the phenomenon of genocide and how people can learn to stand up, speak out, and confront bigotry and hatred throughout the world. Roberta Dietzen is retired from many years of teaching English as a second language to adults. She has three grown children and lives with her husband in Highland Park, Illinois.

This is a free event. Reservations are not required, but suggested.

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